There is an air of complacency when comes to FIFA
February 02 2016

Tackles, sliding, collision, lenses. Absurd diversification proved FIFA animation team passion. Impressive, because it all looks in the game, breaking local animation has become more apparent. This was largely due to natural feeling in FIFA 16 animation chain cooperation is very smooth, in most cases, the amazing array of animated, avoid the players are floating or captured preset animation feeling in the game . Replay can find a little jerkier, but the most common is trying to look amazingly realistic.

Net ultra long-range shooting of chicken. Most closely matches the goalkeeper animation is what professionals can do except when the ball from the net. In this case, the goalkeeper often stood rooted like a bloody oak tree, waiting for the ball to cross the penalty spot before diving save laughable - not shuffling steps, easily claimed the ball. Graphics football title is a bit tricky. Most people, including myself, the distance from the camera is not ideal to play a game to show off the graphics capabilities (telephoto or remote broadcast) as the only close-up, you'll see will be cutscenes or playback Fifa coins .

When the game is not enlarged, you will see improvement in the player's face, the whole body scan and show off the power of hope that the next step for us to create the visual effect of further progress this season, the crowd, the player's face is strangely omitted (Memphis Depay think Manchester United ) will be updated to Universal FIFA bad face can look stunning and / or recycling. Another warning sprint devil: it's time to learn how to dribble, juke, fake, tackles the normal time, if you want to win the game.

It is recommended that the odd bit of consideration, they are playing football with their feet, after all, but a place to speak of the focus of the game has shifted, and where the game has been adjusted and improved. Some other minor features have undergone some changes, while others are still the same, their FIFA 15 correspond. For example, the player's career mode is very similar to the same period last year, there is little way to not add any meaningful sense. The manager career mode does have some changes in the game and the players in pre-season upgrade.

Most pre-season game is irrelevant, and there is only to test plans and lineup. If you win, you get a hefty payday, which can definitely come in handy. Another addition, the player upgrade, so you really need to be upgraded separately control your player. Widely publicized on the international women's team is clean, and is completely full. There are new and relevant commentary, animation and festivities. Their use is fairly limited - they can play with each other, only on game days, game offline and online friendly. This is a neat another nod to appear in the women's side the movement, but it does not carry a very big impact.

Unfortunately, we insist on the two imperfect choices. There is an air of complacency about the FIFA; Issuer has adopted a "boom" of the game, the Internet, the growing popularity of the Premier League hit the jackpot. This earning capacity is only amplified the ultimate team. Because Canadian developers seem resting on their laurels, the difference in quality between FIFA 14 and FIFA 16 is negligible.



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