There is a limitation of female team in the new FIFA 16
January 19 2016

FIFA 16 is not flashy its predecessor and invite players to find their own team's strength, and to develop a play around, make sure they adapt to the formation and the players, the opposition field. I think what we need extra patience and a single mistake can have a great negative impact on the way, but of course there are some fans who might facts, strength and speed no longer dominate the stadium was postponed.

You need from the first five cards offer Choose your captain, then go ahead and build a team around them. It sounds simple, right? Not so much. This is snaffling all the top players and do your utmost to ensure that the real balance between chemical grade high. We need to make tough decisions; more successful teams often leads to his head, not the heart. Remember, chemical win the game! FIFA has long been a high-water mark for sports and entrance video game this year is no exception. Fifa coins

FIFA Ultimate team in a draft mode and a bunch of new supplement and improvement to an already solid game mechanics, FIFA 16 gives us the most powerful and most comprehensive sports title of the new generation. But when a game, especially when it comes with a franchise every year to see the entry exists, and strive to achieve new levels, and few break boundaries, comfortable and familiar back seat. In other words, although not in my mind no doubt that hardcore fans will eventually be like the new FIFA, you have to embrace change.

It does not play exactly like last year's effort, which is a good thing, you may initially be annoyed. Yes, you have to re-learn some things. Check out the examples in the following video - opposing attackers crossed the ball to the goal ball, but you can see from the yellow X, it will come out to play, which will lead the ball to me. Instead of letting the ball go out of play, but, sprint towards the ball Jones feverishly to lead it even more than it already is. In the process, he became the last to touch the ball, as opposed to the final corner with the threat of the opponent.

Also note that Jones is under the control of an imaginary blue players, but despite pulling remain in upholding his rights rampage. It is exasperating. There are times, EA decided that it is best suited to take over the control entirely CPU, which is completely wrong. Now let us look at the biggest addition to the game, which is the women's team competition in a certain pattern, yes, you're not wrong, "a certain pattern" have on how women can be used in the FIFA team, because they can only In a huge limitation kicking play closed, tournament mode, and friendlies. This means that there is no career mode, FUT, or any other mode.

For people who really want to use the women's team in the FIFA 16, you will end up disappointed because they really limited. This is a new feature, but this restriction is expected in the first, and hope in the future of FIFA competitions, the women will be available in all modes. Now have enough patience, you can use the global transport network, eventually find players, but even just little things get in the way, if there is no ability to filter / You've received from your scouts for example, sort by country sort the results by League and age.

Just a little bit more help. It can also help you to find you a more realistic looking players. Thankfully, although it is more comfortable, and now the game is a little more relaxed on the system, the players do not take anywhere near as long to scout with the statistical data does not expire until a year now. In fact, I can tolerate it, a little to embrace the whole transmission network system, this year, because of this change.


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