The competition of FIFA and PES never ends
January 08 2016

Competition between FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer series has become more intense in the past two years. After the PES (2015 and 2016) two straight solid effort, FIFA important way, under a microscope. FIFA 2016, the iconic series of holding to the virtual football crown, but not by the same magnitude it in previous years. Visually, FIFA 16 and get to do tons of work accurately scan head. There are more than 350 new scan players in the game, each document provided by EA Sports, or even good-looking player who does not scan. Animation is running without looking shock, because they do not have in the past, even when they are the same as in the demo.

More epic moments EA Sports recognizes the football game features some of any sport. Deeper skill players, such as dynamic cross, no dribbling and clinical finishing touch to create such moments ("magic moment") more opportunities. These control mechanisms are expert-level exercise, when mastered over time, will lead to the type of football very excited to imitate occasions. In the offensive end of the performance, and no real evolution just as you might think, but it still has some new features to keep its firmness. I feel a bit like last year's game, but considering the 5-star review, we gave, it is not meant as a criticism.

It can be said is the largest addition to FIFA 16 is the women's team, even though they in such a way that you'll hardly miss them if you do not know where they are added. Only 12 countries, the two sides are included, you can only be responsible for one of the three game modes: Online Friendlies, line and standard exhibition game. This is quite stingy compared to what men get. However, this is to be commended inclusive and obviously, EA has been taken seriously, and not just make 11 more feminine Andy Carrolls each side. Women's competition is slightly less physical and the opposition do not press so dense.

Then you let a group of them, pay close attention to their playing position and chemistry with teammates. New features you do not want to trade a player better is very popular, and allows you to not throwing real cash advances. However, if you do not have a basic career mode, the game, quick game, or even weekly pattern matching, it just feels a little dry. If you do not like the ultimate team you just will not stick around long, despite how it plays.

Career mode there are some small, but very welcome opportunity. The first one, you will find an increase in pre-season tour, provide bonus transfer, if you perform well. In my career with Manchester United in the race I went to the United States by the Boca Juniors, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid favorite play, I try to second place, in order to ensure an extra few million transfer of funds. Player training allows you to set a specific one week training exercises up to five players to help them improve. For those who want to put a lot of time to enter the career mode which seems to be the obvious way to improve any young players, you have to make them a superstar in the future. Interestingly, you can also participate in the training, skills competitions, in order to improve your playing skills.

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I want to avoid making a direct comparison between this year's PES and FIFA, but one region comment is what is their approach, they were provided. PES is more, many models, while enhancing the gameplay. FIFA focused on fewer issues, but adds something new, they have a solid game stick. Both made difficult circumstances, it is very clear that this has been a recent game date. As a whole, playing FIFA 16, the fantastic visual cues. It will be interesting to see EA will be pushed to produce a successful title, if the PES continues to maintain the pressure.



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