Marca: Real Madrid has not been in touch with Mourinho
December 29 2015

It is reported that since the early Mourinho left Chelsea, Real Madrid at the edge of the coaching change has expressed interest in the enemy back to the Bernabeu. Although Mourinho seems that "within reach", but so far has not officially Madrid and Portugal.

He coached in the past few years, the good relations between Mourinho and Real Madrid senior team, but failed to grasp the relationship between the process of measuring the locker room. Mourinho has communicated with the team and not a few big players, Ramos, C Ronaldo, Pepe and captain Casillas has left loopholes are among them. In addition, the sworn enemy of the rule Galacticos Mourinho in Barcelona also lost a big slice. It is, therefore, whether the current Real Madrid top please return the magic of birds there are still differences, some people support Mike Mussina and the other part in Portugal's office.

Mourinho led his tenure won the King's Cup, a league title and a Spanish Super Cup.

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