Manley: Jordan will be able to compete
July 14 2016

As the FIFA U-17 Women’s Globe Cup Jordan 2016 forces ever closer, excitement has been developing at local level because the finishing touches are put to preparations with the largest event ever held on the Kingdom, located in the heart from your Middle East. fifa 17 Coins

Renowned the world over for his or her hospitality, the Jordanians have not neglected the sporting part of the festivities, and their U-17 team has stepped within the intensity of their training schedule to be able to hit peak form if your tournament begins.

With just 12 weeks to visit, Jordan are continuing to work towards their opening match around the competition against Spain, under the watchful eye of such English coach, Robbie Johnson, and local assistants Maher Abu Hantash, Khader Eid and Anees Shafeeq, who have put in an tremendous effort every day to ensure that the players are ready.

“Jordan’s U-17 women’s workforce is exceedingly enthusiastic as well as the players are keen to understand, ” said Johnson, who took up the reins in the beginning of March. “They’re a happy collection. The girls who’ve been recently selected must, while working together when using the backroom staff, give all they’ve had had got to be at their best, in terms of their particular physical and technical prepare. That will ensure that men and women can compete at ones tournament. ”

The team is made up of a core group linked to girls who won your AFC U-14 Girls’ Nearby Championship (West Zoom) and subsequently relocated approximately U-17 level. From the moment where Jordan were selected simply because hosts, the players began training - over several unique stages - to the actual prestigious event.

They have taken part in high-energy training camps throughout Uzbekistan, Egypt and Portugal, and despite having to help you juggle schoolwork and sports, they have been given invaluable support from other families, who encouraged them to practice hard. This is turn has helped the crooks to own necessary focus out on the pitch.

All the Jordan squad are sensitive towards responsibility that rests on the shoulders. “Last year, I was picked from many players to partake of this team, ” recounted Jana Abu Goush. “My skill level is improving each day, and I’m trying to perform everything I can to point I’m good enough to play around this tournament. ”

Goalkeeper Joud Alshanti, who has been a large football fan since the lady infancy, when she would conclude a ball around making use of her siblings, added: “Our morale is improving with each and every day that goes by. We know how important this competition is. The daily training cycles have really brought us together and still have made us a strong unit. ”

Tasneem Isleem, for her part, made a point including stressing how honoured she feels each time she pulls on at least 18 country’s jersey. “We’re very proud to become involved in this match, ” she said. “It’s a World Cup, after all - the sort of thing that all folks dream of. It’s a great liberty to represent my country on this global event. ”

The Jordanians are currently running daily workout routines and plan to try further training camps in the coming days, first in Germany after which you can in England in 06. After that, Johnson’s charges will resume Amman for the final stage making use of their preparations, which will entail making the most of friendly matches against various other competing teams.


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