MSN is the best forward combination in football history
January 26 2016

Former Barcelona star Javier said Barca forward line by the current Macy, Suarez and Neymar MSN combination is the best striker combination football history.

Xavier when fifa2coins interview, said: "Neymar, Suarez and Messi is a great combination, we do not even need a lot of preparation, and these three individuals can be a variety of offensive and behind them are cloth Sike Ci, Pique, Alba, .Rakiti, Alves, this is a great team, we have the world's most powerful attack, which is the best striker combination of football history. "

Xavier also said that Enrique has brought a more diverse selection of Barcelona, ??he is a serious and professional coach. He said: "The Barca players can now be used in two ways in the game, the first one is when we controlled the game ball and the rhythm, if the escape route, can play sharp counterattack, but also be able to explain this choice perfectly. Fifa Coins "

Messi and Neymar both named to the list of the last three FIFA Ballon d'Or, but Messi won the fifth highest individual honor a symbol of world football trophy. Suarez currently 18 goals in La Liga scorer chief pride, Neymar state, in the Nou Camp to play better and better, three is the core of Barcelona, ??won five crowns last year.



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