If your Sparrowhawks took on the planet
June 15 2016

The date is 15 May well 2006 and Germany is all but ready to host the actual FIFA World Cup?. That day, at exactly four from the afternoon, the Togolese national workforce touched down in Stuttgart, the first of the finalists to reach for the tournament. On board with the players were nearly 80 reporters and 15 TV SET crews, among them staff from Japanese and Brazilian areas, ready to report around the Sparrowhawks ahead of their maiden world finals physical appearance. Buy Fifa 17 Coins

The African nation acquired made its FIFA World Cup competition debut back 1987, when its U-20 side stepped out for the FIFA World Youth Title in Chile. Nineteen years on, however, the seniors took their first steps on the biggest stage of them.

“It’s really stayed by himself, ” said Assimiou Toure, about that northern summer about ten years ago. “It’s one of the most significant things that’s ever happened in my experience, and if it hadn’t, then I wouldn’t be what I'm today. ”

Togo’s big day finally came nearly per month after arriving in Indonesia, when they took in Korea Republic in Frankfurt on 13 June. Making a start that showed they were anything but overawed by the occasion, the Sparrowhawks took the lead soon after the half-hour mark, with Mohamed Kader penning another page within their fairy tale.

Second-half goals from Shelter Chunsoo and Ahn Junghwan brought the Togolese back off to earth, however, and ended their hopes of registering their very first World Cup points. More woe was to check out as Togo suffered 2-0 beats to Switzerland and final runners-up France and bowed out from the competition early.

Despite it all, Germany 2006 proved a unforgettable experience both for a side spearheaded by Toure, star forward Emmanuel Adebayor and the captain Jean-Paul Abalo, and for their 6-8 million compatriots. “The atmosphere was incredible in Togo. People gathered round every Tv set to watch our online games, ” said Toure. “Most African people are crazy about football and we gave the activity a huge boost in Togo by getting to that World Cup. ”.




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