FIFA Club World Cup in Japan reveals the official emblem
August 28 2015

For FIFA Club World Cup Japan 2015 official emblem announced today by the President Kuniya Daini, Japan Football Association president and the headquarters of the local organizing committee in the Japan Football Association (JFA) on August 24.

"As Japan held the seventh this important event, we are pleased to see the new excitement and enthusiasm, this year's FIFA Club World Cup will give the country," Daini said. "It is an honor to reveal the beauty and reflect the unique spirit of Japanese hospitality, which is essential for the success of the activities of flag."

The representative of Japan official emblem use FIFA Club World Cup's official trophy as a canvas can recognize the shape of quality. As one of the most representative of the host country's image, is characterized by the majestic Mount Fuji is the center of the emblem.

From the traditional "Roo" calligraphy inspired contours above the Earth is a distinctive characteristic shape, with sun and Japan's leading hospitality and elements designed to reflect the vibrant unity.

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