FIFA 16 absolutely requires a new approach from the player
January 29 2016

Since then, I have been rocky relationship with the game. In particular, the past five years, I have expressed my disappointment with the lack of development of EA has been put into its flagship football simulator. FIFA has become stagnant, predictable and anger-induced lack of attention to detail and too much time dedicated to FIFA Ultimate team. However, it took a solid 24 hours, after FIFA 16, I can say a big smile on my face, this is the best FIFA game EA has produced a very long time.

A lot of fans have begun to be played against FIFA 16, however, before we get FIFA 16 Ultimate Team review, it is worth mentioning in our previous article, we discussed the Andr oid version compatibility problems with applications. Our readers have comments and send us e-mail, and is not compatible with FIFA 16 UT equipment list are in progress. This is of course compatible, as on, we have to embed this article for your visual enjoyment game under review Fifa 16Coins .

Via web and mobile applications, last year EA with disabilities enter the transfer market to help reduce unauthorized trading coins. It said at the time, the measure is temporary, and today it followed through with this access will be returned to the two companions of the application for the announcement Sept. 17 of that promise will be a limit, however: all the return and verification FIFA Ultimate Team 15 players will be able to immediately leap into the transfer market, but newcomers will have a PC or a console on the first play for a few days.

EA said that the restrictions have been put in place to help keep the robot out of the transfer market, ensuring that everyone can access it human. The game includes players from 500 teams square the real world. There is a new game engine for you to control your little football people enjoy, and EA implementation celebrations moved first. I bet you can buy a new celebration. It sounds like EA. It is free-to-play, but pay attention to the compatibility of devices is super weird.

Spend a lot more players now. Even low-ranked players from the Premier League to 70-75 rating, you must pay more than 2000 gold. Good player in the Gold level easily cost about 10,000 coins. For example, in the previous game, Liverpool midfielder Henderson can buy 2000 coins; this time, you have to cough up at least 9000 gold coins. It may continue to rise, it is only bid prices. Purchase popular players like Rooney is more difficult, because he sells 600,000 gold coins. You can also purchase a complete lineup of 30,000 gold coins or gold spree players mixed pool of 20,000 coins.

When I got 15 retail code for the FIFA tournament last year I think I have time to develop. The route through the ball check. Cut back, check. Speed ??and power, checks. FIFA all common metaphor in there, and from the FIFA 14 this adaptation period is almost instantaneous. FIFA 16 is definitely a need for a new approach from the players, so I advise you to be patient, do not realize that under the initial feeling may discord. But for me, now I find myself looking forward to the intricate relationship unpicking FIFA 16 weeks, rather than looking for any new and upcoming disappointed hours.

FIFA not want to leave any aspect of the same, there are enhanced presentation. Comments are better than ever, with the English legend Martin Taylor and Alan Smith to do a better job than ever before to make relevant comments. Commentary often beyond the single game, and with reference to the standings or the players stripes - impressive. "FIFA 16 just feels like playing football."



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