FIFA 16 Shooting Tips and Tricks(IV)
November 20 2015

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This is the FIFA 16 shooting tips and tricks for your playing more useful in the previous article, we will score goals, winthe games, make FIFA 16 Ultimate Team coins. The following will give you the tips and tricks.

We at this time and time again in the direction of change is very important, when you put the case, it will force you to change a little quarrel.

In order to be able to enter the correct position to finish, because you see in this example, we see what we will do here is to change in order to give us the opportunity to accomplish a little bit easier at the far post with his right angle . You might ask yourself why the work is not completed at the near post, if you are on the left side of a left-footed player on the court, or vice versa for the right side is more effective at the far post with his strong legs to complete.

Getting started now, finishing the distance to the target, when you are very very close to the goalkeeper, the shutter button down too much can be equal to a lady, so you need to do is very, very slight, and constantly tap tap the shutter button, which will result in a keeper By playing on the ground, and it all works, if you discount the exact steps, you will not miss these situations from time again. Skills can make the difference between a large-scale attack, and then from there to score goals death you will be sure to use them to get in a perfect shooting positions.We've made use of all the skills in the game action, but also choose the best use. Last but not least, a very effective chipping fancy finishing techniques, especially when the target block. According to the distance from the goal, you have to share in the power of two and a half and three bars, as you see in this example, we go, until two and a half bars and aid to go, fine.



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