FIFA 16 Points are an alternate to coins that are used to buy packs
December 04 2015

Do not expect the ball all the time! In real life, players must make a run to open up channels for teammates. They have grafted the ball to create opportunities for themselves. This is the same in FIFA 16: If you continue to get the ball to the feet, you do not use your abilities wisely. Search gap in the defense picked up the ball or a further decline in space. Space is your friend! But a defensive guard reconnaissance, you will get a player with a sprint speed of 50 and a horrible job rate. Plus frequent low / low power regardless of the players you see, you've got a team full of lazy, slow type of player - the perfect life in the Premier League, amirite?

Therefore, we need a more realistic player type - or at least the type of players are not completely borked. This may require a greater overhaul than fixed physical growth, but it's something that is completely messing up the youth scouting system. Even making a tackle must maintain your shape asphalt operations center backup or leave a hole in your defenses. Therefore, we need to talk about the first thing is to control, it is easy to do the most simple free-kick, as it relates to press and hold the Xbox or PlayStation L1 in the LB button and then shoot button, which is for PS3 / 4 circle button and B at Xbox. Do not touch the left or right stick use this technique, you do not need to move them, because it will completely destroy your lens. That's what you need to use to control this low shot occurred.

Do not rush to tackle. Hold your ground and players will often encounter what you mean is that you can win the ball Standing water tackle box. There are some players out there every FIFA Goal kick who pass the ball a short distance. This is stupid. This is not a PES 4, and people trying to stop you from playing out behind. If you've got a big man in front, like Benteke and Loukakou, aim your goal, kick them, they will head for you to win. Otherwise, use the cross button to try and pick out a free man, using radar, see who is open only by short, if you have noticed, the opponent is not going to cut you. Mix it up, let them guess.

The college player signed a transfer budget to spend £ 18,000 and £ 500 bits wage budget each time. Depending on what club you are, this may or may not be a very cheap amount. If you are a fairly wealthy team, it makes sense that the signature that you think it will be any good player - if, when you go to Oscar, you'll find that they did not meet the standard, you can simply release them, you will not have to spend a lot. This is not to wait for several months, until you get a better idea of ??scouting players how good, much better. While playing the game as a 'coach', it is your responsibility to manage the entire club, take a look at the behavior of your team in the field. Alternatively, you can start your journey as a young player who will grow into a superstar, you can retire as a player or manager.

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If the defensive player to go too far, exposing a hole in the defense, which is not only dangerous, but also affect your defenders endurance. When it comes to sprint duel again, you have just as well because if there is not enough endurance to lose. Therefore, do not sprint too much, at least not when it is not absolutely necessary.For FIFA Ultimate Team mode that you not only have a lot of time, but also brought a lot of patience. Many games in money or coins can not hurt to build their own team. So, if you feel very fast, within a few days put together to form what you want, it is so broad. Ultimate Team mode is a long-term problem. But that should not scare you, because we recommend that you at least with a good start.

FIFA 16 points is a substitute for the purchase of the package coins. If you're not going to spend all the FIFA integral FUT 15, you can use them FUT 16. You can even buy some by the end of FUT 15, so you can use in FUT 16 release date, because it won the "T to buy time. However, this is a one-time transfer, so you when you start the game, the first secondary care.



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