England alleged breach of World Cup bid
October 30 2015

After Platini and Blatter is banned from football activities, there are media reports, the British royal family and David Beckham also participated in the FIFA 16 FIFA coin scandal, they apply for alleged violation of the 2018 World Cup in England .

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England 2018 World Cup bid "iron triangle" Prince William, Prime Minister David Cameron and football icon David Beckham, when the British media called them "Three Lions." However, the "Three Lions" lost to Russia in the game, only got two votes, including a vote for the former FA chairman Thompson, now three are also involved in the FIFA scandal.

FIFA sources said the investigation team will further investigate the role of cheap three FIFA 16 coins in the 2018 World Cup bid process. FIFA Ethics Committee has banned Platini and Blatter to participate in football activities to show their determination to thoroughly investigate corruption. "Sun," said a member of the British Prime Minister of the investigation and the British royal family will make a scandal upgrade.

New York lawyer Michael - FIFA survey Corruption has severely criticized the leadership in Bucharest Valencia Britain's Prince William, the three groups. FIFA Ethics Committee trial team leader, judge, Germany Eckert said: "The British bid team often take care of Jack - Walnut (former FIFA vice-president), a clear violation of election rules and coins FIFA FIFA ethics Union Code. "

According to reports, the British team trying to win the bid to host the Oceania Football Xitemali (paused) support, in addition to Korean billionaire Chung Mong-joon said Thompson admitted improper transaction voting, the two presidential suites to meet in Zurich, was also present Cameron. However, Cameron's office denied the transaction.



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