C Luo Messi throw shooting with as many number
February 23 2016

True Madrid Malaga game, C Luo opened this scoring for Fifa sixteen Coins the team however, but he then punishment throw a penalty, failed to help Actual Madrid to expand the actual score to seal the particular victory, after Real Madrid enemy equalized, only to get 1 level away to Real Madrid basically lost the means to win. C Lo 33 moments to score three a few minutes later he won the penalty opportunity, then go past this left C Luo shut down Villiger Dayton tripped, the referee to passing away, but the Portuguese bottom part right corner low picture Cameron Nepalese brave rescued Buy Fifa 16 Coins .

The media pointed out that following the game, the game against Malaga, C Luo penalty never seize the opportunity as a great pity, when he penalty for the right result, but the ball is too near the keeper, Carmen Nigeria judge the suitable direction, the ball saved. Career C Luo gets control 103 penalty, penalty throw 16, that is, free throw rate of 15. 5%.

It is worth bringing up that, C Lo on the penalty spot 3 x and Cheap Fifa 07 coins once Carmen Nepal sweepstakes, only to penalty in a penalty, no doubt, Cameroon became the ball facing C-nemesis. Kameni addition, there are two Spanish goalkeeper has saved Chemical Luo penalty, they Diego - Alves (a second time saved) and Yilayiluosi.

After joining Real This town, C Luo a full of 73 times the penalty kick, in which nine free of charge throws, free throw rate involving 12%. Interestingly, now C Ronaldo and also Lionel Messi in L . a . Liga is seventh punishment throw penalty, but C Lo seventh penalty throw penalty has occurred three times in the game versus Malaga. This three free kicks, hit the post was formerly, once saved by Caballero, one is saved by means of Kameni.

C Lo La Liga shock as to, the second penalty put penalty, the penalty is a new penalty throw last December 30, against Real Sociedad. Yuri restricted area from the Basque team handball foul was a penalty, but C Luo attack the gun, that is C Lo in La Liga for the first time in such a approach penalty throw penalty. Relevant data as nicely: now C Lo in La Liga seventh fee throw penalty from Hugo : Sanchez Real Madrid La Liga players throw charges record number only 2 balls - Mexicans had nine penalty throw charges.

Overseas, fans are often helpful to banter penalty C Luo, such as "point Lo" is through the "penalty" and "Ronaldo" man-made nickname. Portugal has created 25 consecutive penalty start working the first record with the history of Real Madrid, Messi performance in front with the penalty is not acceptable, while this season Barcelona BING penalty throw a penalty of up to 8, but now, the Barcelona Real Madrid mustn't be laughed at.

However, C Luo will keep take a penalty, now Hugo - Sanchez with 56 penalty Real This town ranks first in crew history, C Luo penalty in the current 51 penalty, which Sanchez said: "History is used bust, C Lo is damaged, I liked him, but he was nonetheless Real Madrid, Real Madrid player Liga leading scorer and best fifa cash sites Golden Boot generally make me happy, I believe C Lo will rival and even surpass me, I believe there are between us plenty of similarities, we all like targets, it's like striker meal, we desire every game wherever possible goals, we will go to a penalty kick, C Luo are fighting for La Liga prime scorer and Golden Footwear, so I think he'll almost certainly not allow others with a penalty, only Benzema or Bell can kick so let G Luo goals. ".



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