As FIFA's top sponsor, Adidas finally broke the silence.
December 11 2015

They believe that the current crisis did not affect the FIFA brand.

FIFA Sepp Blatter's four US top sponsor has repeatedly urged the government to immediately step down, and then let the reform of FIFA will be more efficient, they also repeatedly called on Adidas's position. Today, Adidas's voice, but they did not put pressure on Blatter.

Adidas chief executive Herbert Hainer said, "our product image, not because of the deterioration of FIFA's crisis, we believe consumers will distinguish us and FIFA."

Since 1970, Adidas is the official partner of the World Cup ball, two years ago, they and FIFA international contract until 2030.

Hainer said Adidas has been calling for reform of FIFA, he also stressed that Adidas in Germany involving "small treasuries" in the home in any way at all.

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According to the German "Der Spiegel" reported that the 2006 World Cup organizing committee had 6.7 million euros for the "slush fund", before saving Adidas CEO Robert Louis Dreyfus money.

"There is no evidence that money
Adidas provided Robert Louis Dreyfus has left the company, and this is his personal funds." Hainer told reporters Road.


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