2015 Best Top 5 Football Players in the World: Lionel
December 15 2015

Messi/Cristiano Ronaldo/ Neymar/ Robert Lewandowski/Suarez

Because from Dec.1,2014 to 23 November 2015, Messi has scored 49 goals in La Liga (36 goals, 12 assits). At the same time, he has swept several championship trophies, such as La Liga, the European Champions, the King's Cup.
C. Ronaldo in May 2015 to get the Golden Boot again. As Oct.2015, C.Ronaldo has scored 82 goals UEFA Champions. In addition, he must be recorded in the Real Madrid players who have made the most goals. What a pity, his team is less than Macy Honors.
Neymar has been fully integrated into Barcelona in 2015, he is definitely a hero, helping Barca win one of the Triple Crown. His amazing performance made him the most popular players recently, especially when Messi at rest. He is the heart of Barcelona.

The greatest achievement Lewandowski's goal nine minutes of five, in addition to the record, this season he has for the club and the national team 25 games.The total of 26 goals, scoring efficiency deserved, he became The first Bundesliga bombers.

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Suarez's status is gorgeous Recently, he will in one MSN. He has eight consecutive games scoring 12 goals. His efforts to help the team topped the list, in the league, the Champions League is also locked up 16 seats. Striker day hat-trick to help the team 3-1 reversal.


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